Privacy Statement:

1- You should not give away your critical information when you think there is a risk. We will not be responsible for the results of such action.

2- Email addresses are not transferred by website messages. You can give it to a member if you want but we will not reveal it to anyone.

3- Information supplied by users will be kept confidential except those parts which are normally published on the public sections of website.

4- Your email addresses will not be used by anyone other than They will not be given to anyone for any purpose.

5- Members should not include any "Phone Number", street address oe last name. Any such profiles will be deleted immediately and all the responsibility of such actions are upon the person who has posted it.

6- Members should not do anything which violates another person/party's rights (any form).

7- Members should not post or publish information or messages containing abusive, offensive, defamatory, obscene and harassing of any kind or any other illegal contents.

8- Members should not engage in advertising to our members or post junk/spam messages to them.

9- Members are solely responsible for the information they publish or give away on website or send to other members. You are responsible for what you do on our site and CupidB will not have any responsibility about them. General rule: everyone is responsible for his acts.

10- Under no circumstances will be responsible for any loss or damage resulting from anyone's reliance on information or content posted on or transmitted to members.

11- is not responsible for correctness of the information provided by members.

12- reserves the right but has no obligation to monitor/remove materials posted on in public areas.

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