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34 / F / Straight /
Dallas / Texas
United States
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About me

I am a woman who believes that this world can present amazing gifts. I believe in miracles and maybe the biggest miracle in my life can be the meeting with a special person who will become a part of me. I am an open-minded person and communication with people is my famous interest. In this life I value every single moment. Good moments, and even bad ones, as they give more soul power and wisdom. Perhaps there is a person in this world who can share my ideas with me. I am looking forward to meeting this person.

What I want from a potential match

I would like to find a man who will see in me a woman, a friend, a lover . Who will appreciate all my features, who will share my point of view, who will love me and who will be with me in black and white. From my side. this man will get all my love and passion in response. He must be pleasant-looking and has an inner beauty, what is more important for me. Our relations must be based on friendship, love, mutual understanding and trust.
Country:United States
Education:Bachelors Degree
Height:165-170 cm
Weight:55-60 kg
Marital Status:Single

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