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48 / M / Straight /
Joshua Tree / California
United States
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About me

True to my level of education and professional experience l strive to live within my means, save for my future, and take care of my belongings. I have goals and work within my ability to achieve them. Not into free lunches or get rich quick schemes more into taking it a day at a time with a long term outlook for my life. Money is a necessity of life and you need it to live. But happiness is outside of that realm and can only be achieved by truth and understanding of who you are and what you want. I wish to live long and prosper.

What I want from a potential match

God made the man primarily to provide the income and the protection for the home and the family, and I think that the woman is made to control and guide the matters of the house and to provide the instruction of the children, but each partner can help the other person in their family respon
Country:United States
City:Joshua Tree
Education:Masters Degree
Height:- cm
Weight:- kg
Marital Status:Single

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