Body Language & Dating
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Body Language & Dating

Body language often speaks louder than the words we utter. Most of the time, you can find out some characteristics of a person by observing his or her body language without even trying to get to know him or her. This is something to take note about and especially in dating if you want to send all the right signals to your date. This is because on a short date, what your body displays, which may sometimes happen subconsciously, might heavily affect your date’s perspective of you.

Quite frequently, our body habitually and sometimes subconsciously performs physical actions that may personify our image to others whether it is a proper personification or not. This can sometimes hurt you. An example of this is a slouching posture which can happen so easily without you noticing and yet give people an idea that you lack spirit in your life and your stance may cause you to look less attractive as well. To overcome things like this, the following is a list of body language rules to remember to maintain your best image as well as boost your chances in a date.

1. Eye Contact
Try to make eye contact during every conversation but not too much that it may make your date feel uncomfortable while also making sure it is not too little to give an impression that you are an introvert.

2. Body Posture and Stance
When standing, try to maintain a hip’s width between your legs as this gives you a visually more confident outlook. Also, try to maintain equal weight distribution on both legs and not stand slanted to one side. Remember that slouching is a big no-no if you want to maintain a great image that can fare positively among others.

3. Smile
Be generous with smiles as this will put a huge positive impact on how you interact with others and how the ones you interact with feel. Smile not only with your mouth but also with your eyes to basically display a face full of joy and positive thoughts that can make others a whole lot more comfortable when interacting with you. This can definitely fare well in a date.

To add to all of these simple yet effective tips to practising good body language on a date, you can also try to modify your body language during an actual date to suit that of your date as this may allow better interaction that can lead to more effective bonding.

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