Getting Real While Dating
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Getting Real While Dating

A date can get you really tensed at how to approach it and as the day draws nearer, anxiety can build up, getting you confused with how to tackle the date. While friends, peers and miscellaneous sources such as magazines and the internet provide all sorts of tips on how to act or what to do during the date, not all may be practical and depending on your situation, following dating advice can make or break your date. In times like these, when you do not know what to do but at the same time do not know who you can trust, the best way to go on your date is to just be yourself.

Being the real you during the date may be the best thing to do but it is also easier said than done. All you really want to do is be yourself comfortably to ensure a smooth date whereby you can hopefully get to know her better and she gets to know the real you. However, to prepare for times where the date may seem to be going on a downward spiral, do take note on some tips and hints on how to tackle the date from your most reliable sources, usually your closest friends and other reputable sources of dating information. As long as you are not trying too hard to impress her by being somebody you are not, the date has all the potential to develop into something lovely if there is chemistry between you and your date. This is why it is vital to keep it real.

Besides reminding yourself to be yourself, common gentlemanly courtesy such as opening the door, pulling the chair, offering a hand up the steps and so forth are always welcome gestures that can earn you brownie points on a date. When doing so, just remember to act very comfortably and not overdo things or your date might get suspicious of your overly impressive behaviour. At the end of the day, you really want to just treat her like a very good friend, only with a little extra care.

At the end of the date, things may or may not take one step further and when they do not, there is really no reason to fret. Just remember that not all dates are matches made in heaven and take heart in knowing that with the experience gained from that date, the next will be more of a breeze and hopefully a success as well.

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