Dating, Finding the Right Girl
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Dating, Finding the Right Girl

There is always a sea of single men out there seeking the right woman for them and it is a common situation that you might find yourself in. Being single may or may not be a choice, and when it is not, it is most probably because the right girl simply has not crossed your path yet. However, there is an unpleasant thought of more and more women being hooked up by members of the bachelor’s club the longer you wait. This can get you thinking; how can you find the perfect girlfriend?

Most of us do have in mind, at least a rough idea, of who we would want to hook up with. The first step forwards in trying to attract a girl that fits your desire is to know how to attract her. When you know what kind of girl you are after, you must also get to know what she is attracted to and try to use that knowledge to boost your chances. This can range from simple things such as clothing and interests to more tricky aspects such as temperament and behaviour. Whether or not this works with the girls you try to hook up with, it is still good to know, at least on the surface, what kind of girl you want to avoid wasting time in getting involved with someone you might not be compatible with later on.

If things still do not go your way by now, try a different approach and instead of choosing the type of girl you want based on having things in common, consider the excitement of mixed interests and opinion in a relationship. The term opposites attract is interestingly true in many cases and having different hobbies and outlooks on life can add a lot of colour to a relationship.

Knowing where to look is just as important as knowing who to look for. Do not hope for the perfect girl for you to just suddenly appear by your side with an interest for you if you are just interested in doing your own thing such as being a couch potato or a gaming geek. However, do not be a sucker either for the common belief that pubs and clubs are the places to go to get hooked up because befriending girls and finding a girlfriend are two very different things to do. More wholesome ways of seeking a girlfriend include joining cooking classes, yoga sessions and such as these activities tend to attract more women in general. If you are just not that much of an outgoing person, many dating or chat sites are now available and with the rate of couples being paired online on a dramatic rise, your chances may not be too bad. Basically, if you really know what kind of girl you want, you should naturally have an instinct on where to look so before the time you actually find her and make your move, the best thing to do is to just polish your social skills to make the journey from befriending a girl to getting her to join you in a glorious relationship a smooth one.

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