Dating, Making Him Miss You
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Dating, Making Him Miss You

The experience of a freshly born relationship can be an amazing one but this feeling will inevitably subside and most women tend to get really worried when their men do not shower them with as much attention, care and love as much as during their first few weeks of courting. This is only natural and does not signal an early end to the relationship. However, there are several tricks that can subconsciously get him to maintain an utmost interest in you.

The simplest way to get him missing you of course is to just go missing. Try making yourself scarce especially from the places he frequents day in and day out. Quite simply, just lessen the time he gets to see you than he is used to. On occasions when he does see you, you can heighten his senses for you by inducing small pangs of jealousy by hanging out with other guys. This combo can work wonders in rejuvenating his interest for you. Once you get him to miss you, seeing the way you hang out with other people is sure to get him missing your ways as well such as the way you physically and verbally interact with others.

Going scarce to get him to miss you does not mean hiding in a closet doing nothing while waiting for the right time to resurface. During this 'hiatus', it is recommended to get on with other activities to basically show him, when he does see you, that there is more to your life. While this can make him miss you all the more, it can doubly act as a way to get him interested with your activities of interests. On a more practical and day-to-day basis, what you must remember in order to make sure that he does not get bored of you is to simply play hard to get. Whenever he comes to greet you, do greet him back but only very casually and not over-enthusiastically or in any way where romance is observable. You must also be stricter with the use of the word ‘yes’ whenever he asks you out on a date, offers to buy you a drink, and so forth. When you sincerely do want to accept his offer, try turning him down in a way that will get him to ask again and accept only a few requests after the first. If he is genuinely interested in you, this is a sure way to keep his feelings for you high up in air.

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