Dating, Making it Last forever
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Dating, Making it Last forever

While most women dream of an everlasting relationship when they think they have found Mr. Right, the ugly truth is that men who get into serious relationships wishing it will stand the test of time are a dying breed. However, getting a man to be in relationship with you for as long as you wish for is not impossible as long as some aspects of the relationship are given special attention.

A simple dating fact many individuals overlook easily is that being in a relationship means being more than just friends. Many couples find themselves being on the wrong side of the border between best friends forever and soul mates which introduces fragility in what they think is an intimate relationship. Knowing he is your soul mate is the first step to get you on your way to a long and lasting relationship. In return, you must assure him how you are his soul mate too by widening the gap that separates you and what a close friend is to him. The act of simply enchanting him with your attributes that attracted him in the first place and often exercising your status as the woman of his dreams can go a long way in reminding him of the intensity of the relationship. Doing so will allow you to move on to another important step to pull him into a lasting relationship, which is to take charge of his life. This does not mean you should be his servant but to show how important you can be in his life that he will slowly learn to depend on you for many things in his life.

For a man and a woman to devote most of their lives to living with each other means, they will face many challenges together and the roller coaster ride of life will be a ride for both. In a long term relationship, you have to accept that there will be bad times that can put severe stress on the relationship throughout the years. Hence, you must brace yourself and be prepared to endure these dips in life and not let emotions get the better of you because this might hurt your partner as well and may do substantial damage to the relationship. Whether the problems arise from emotional, moral or financial reasons, being supportive is a must-have trait to successfully overcome times like these. Most of this boils down to how loyal you are to your man to be willing enough to put in so much effort in maintaining the health of the bond between you and your partner. The loyalty is always a crucial aspect of any relationship. The general kind, gentle and understanding nature of a woman can do wonders to turn bad times good as well.

Sex is a taboo topic for some. Many do not believe it holds any importance in a relationship built from true love. In most cases however, sexual compatibility can affect the strength of your relationship. Even if you do believe nothing else matters as long as you love him sincerely, the same cannot be said about what goes through a man’s view. Regardless of how active you are sexually, making all your sexual experiences with your partner enjoyable and always trying out something new and exciting can bring your relationship a very long way and along some very great times to boot.

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